Where to have lunch in Milan near the Duomo

Where to have lunch in Milan near the Duomo

It can be a daunting task to find a great meal close to the touristy spots in a big city, and Milan is no exception.

There is no shortage of touristy sidewalk cafés in the blocks surrounding the Duomo, with a great view but questionable food.

It’s like a game, dodging the plastic flag ridden giant menus and finding a little gem that you’d like to return to.

I adore the Duomo, but my opinion is the further from it, the better the food. That might be harsh, but the places I’ve found that are my favorites are a bit further away.

However, you might be in the city with friends shopping, or taking your guests to the roof of the Duomo. Suddenly you are starving and have to eat, pronto.

Here are 8 ideas for a tasty lunch, smack dab in the center of Milan, whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours…

Where to have lunch in Milan near the Duomo 1

Santa Lucia {Neapolitan cuisine and Pizzeria}

Chris and I stumbled upon this historic restaurant our first visit to Milan- and had a fantastic experience.

We keep returning with guests and family because of its location (a few blocks from the Duomo) + cozy atmosphere.  The food is good and the staff fun and friendly.

I love that they have southern Italian food. There are some spicy things on their menu- something that is hard to find in Milan!

The Neapolitan style pizza is a nice change from the super thin crust you find most places in the city.  It can be pricey, as most places in the centro are, but we have had consistently great food here.

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Obika Mozzarella Bar

{7th floor of  la Rinascente department store}

Obika has restaurants in many cities, and while I usually don’t like chain restaurants- sometimes it’s good to know what to expect! They are a Slow Food member, so you know their food is great quality.

Obika has a full menu of delicious dishes in addition to their mozzarella bar where you can sample up to 4 different varieties of mozzarella and accompanying sides.

Little known fact- they also serve breakfast. Enjoy a cappuccino and pastry with a view of the Duomo and plan your day in the city!

Il Bar

(7th floor of  la Rinascente department store)

This small restaurant/bar has a killer view of the Duomo from its patio. You can almost reach out and touch the spires as you sip your overpriced cocktail!

It is a fun location but I’d drink in the view with a beverage, and then head to Obika right inside the door- or somewhere else for a better and tastier food selection.

Luini (Panzerotti to-go)

Luini has been a hot spot in Milan since 1888. Situated down a narrow street next to Piazza del Duomo, you will find a line snaking outside the doors of Luini all times of the day.

The line does move along quickly, so grab a spot in line, peek over the heads of everyone in front of you to read the menu and try to be ready with your order by the time you reach the counter!

There are fried, baked, or sweet Panzerotti and specials of the day. You can’t go wrong with the classic mozzarella and tomato or salami piccante.

This is the yummiest street food, and you can stroll with your delicious Panzerotti while people watching in the center of Milan.

a Santa Lucia

via S. Pietro all’Orto, 3


Tel. 02.76023155


Obika Mozzarella Bar

via Santa Radegonda, 1 angolo Piazza Duomo


(ultimo piano de la Rinascente)

Tel. 02.8852453


Il Bar Milano

via Santa Radegonda, 1 angolo Piazza Duomo


(ultimo piano de la Rinascente)

Te. 02.8852453




via Santa Radegonda, 16


Tel. 02.86461917


I’ll keep you posted as I find more great spots!

Buon Appetito!

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