Visiting Milan like a Local with Oasis Collections

Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)

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My arrival back in Milan went like clockwork. I took the train from Rome to Milan, hopped in a taxi and texted my personal concierge (a.k.a. sidekick) from Oasis Collections to tell him I was on my way to the apartment. This was my first time staying at an Oasis property, and I was thrilled to be trying them out in Milan, a place we love and still call home. 

Intrigued by their motto of "home meets hotel", I had picked one of their spacious apartments in the city center for my family's first trip back to Milan in 2 years. I couldn't wait to explore the city again with them, and hoped this apartment would be a great home base for our 3 night stay.

Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)

Basilica di San Lorenzo

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Luca was waiting for me outside the apartment building, and took me up to finish the check-in and walk through. He had already been up to the apartment, had a welcome packet waiting for me, and had gone shopping for me, getting some starter groceries which were already unpacked and organized. (I sent him my list a few days before, and it was such a treat to have 1 less thing to do that day.) 

Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)

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Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)
Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)
Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)
Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)
Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)

The Don Grand apartment is huge and bright- with great natural lighting and more than enough room for my family of 4. I loved that it had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a washing machine and a full kitchen, and so much light! It was in a great location just a short walk from one of our favorite places in Milan, the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Roman Columns.

I highly recommend this location if you want to stay in the center of Milan. The neighborhood has good access to the city's trams, has many good restaurants and bars, as well as a small grocery store just 2 blocks away. It is within a short walk to the Duomo, and although we were already familiar with the area, I think it would be easy to navigate for a new visitor.

What we loved about Oasis

Things we love about Oasis

Your Heading Here

Your Heading Here

The Service

The biggest thing that sets Oasis apart from other vacation rental companies I've used, is their amazing customer service. They were always ready and willing to offer info or answer questions, and the check-in service was very professional but quick. Oh, and wait until you hear about my sidekick!

The Sidekick

Upon completing your reservation, you get your own personal Sidekick- the Oasis version of a concierge. This is such a great service! My sidekick Luca offered to make reservations for me, shop for me, get tickets ahead of time for me and more. I adored him and felt very pampered knowing he was just a text or call away. 

The Details

Oasis prides itself in offering homey environments with the perks of staying in a hotel. After traveling for weeks on end, I loved that there was soap and shampoo and paper supplies already in the apartment- (one less thing to worry about) and a custom map and city guide waiting for me with all kinds of ideas for exploring. 

The Choices

Oasis has apartments in over 20 locations world-wide, including Milan and Rome. There are many choices and you can easily search their website by amenity, size or location. Some of the extra services they offer are a stocked kitchen (you send them a grocery list!) or mega-bar, private drivers, and VIP perks.

Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)

What we'd change:

Absolutely nothing about the team or company- they were wonderful! The only thing I would change about the apartment itself is that there wasn’t great comfy seating for all 4 of us in the living room. But it wasn’t a deal breaker for us, since we were busy so much of the time. (those red chairs were comfy- but that daybed- not so much...)

To sum it up:

Oasis offers a stellar service & experience for travelers around the world. They do an excellent job at empowering visitors to truly live like locals, and share all the best tips to help you make the most of your stay.

I love how Oasis gives you a VIP experience, without a VIP price. This is such a great resource for families traveling, especially. (I always love renting an apartment when traveling with my family- you get so much more for your money and we almost always end up saving money over staying at a hotel.)

We all agreed, Milan still feels like home, and has a piece of our hearts forever! It was fantastic to revisit our favorite places, see friends and try out some new restaurants.

Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)

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Visiting Milan Like a Local (Oasis Collections)

Disclaimer: Oasis was kind to offer us their media rate for our stay in Milan, however all opinions are always 100% my own. 

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