Our Ultimate Edible Italian Bucket List

If you were planning a trip to Italy, what would be on your Italian "bucket list"?

Some people might say seeing the Sistine chapel, climbing Brunelleschi's dome, or exploring the 5 villages of the Cinque Terre.

Is it weird if my "bucket list" includes truffle hunting, learning to make pizza in Naples, and tasting freshly pressed olive oil? It's true- I'm not one for checking famous sights off my list, but having an ongoing edible bucket list is right up my alley.

If you're like me and #traveltoeat, it should come as no surprise that my list gets longer the more I explore Italy. 

italian bucket list

Before we lived in Italy, I knew that food is different from one end of the country to the other- each region having their specialties and customs behind them.

But it wasn’t until later that I began to realize not only does each province has its own special foods- but each town, village, and valley do as well!

We could explore food our entire lives in Italy and not learn enough about this vast land and its rich culinary traditions.

Edible Italian Bucket List

Join me as we take a look at all 20 Italian regions and dip our toe into the vast world of unique ingredients & recipes.

I've gathered some foodie experiences in each region, to add to your own edible bucket list. Keep this list close as you plan your great and delicious adventures in Italy! Click on each region and the details will pop up.

Most of the things I have added are completely based on dreaming of eating my way through the country.  (By the way, this list is by no means exhaustive, and I will be adding to it for sure.)

Have a favorite I missed? Let me know!

Edible Italian Bucket List
Edible Italian Bucket List

Our Ultimate Italian Bucket List for Food Lovers


Aosta Valley




Edible Italian Bucket List


Fruili-Venezia Giulia




Edible Italian Bucket List






Edible Italian Bucket List


Trentino-Alto Adige




Edible Italian Bucket List

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italian bucket list

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  • Betty henderson says:

    You’ve hit on some of my favorites!

  • It all sounds wonderful . If ever you do get the chance you have to spend time with Tania in Tropea at In Italy tours. I had a cooking class with Peppe and his family as well as the most amazing picnic overlooking Capo Vaticano. It really was special.

  • This is a great list thanks – some I have done and many I have added to the next trip!

    One recommendation is the Wild Food Italy Truffle Day – located near Montefalco in Umbria. An excellent all day food experience.

  • Dede Helmsworth says:

    What a great list! Happy to say I’ve hit quite a few of these (including twice at La Tavola Marche). You should add a wine tour with Marco from Marco’s Way in Le Marche. Ashley at La Tavola Marche set it up for us and we spent a fabulous day drinking and eating with Marco! Can’t wait to go back to Italy and your list will make planning easy.

    • How wonderful Dede! Sounds perfect. Glad you like the list- hope it’s helpful for your next trip!

  • Ciao, Heather! Thank you so much for including the Girl’s Gotta Drink Piedmont Food & Wine tours! We hope you will be able to do one sometime soon! A presto! Val

      • Oh, and I forgot to mention that Cookin’ Fun at Mary’s in Matera is AMAZING! As is anything with Coral of Curious Appetite. Buon appetito!

  • Julie Tufo says:

    The olive harvest week of active involvement at Poggio Etrusco in Umbria with cookbook author Pamela Johns is amazing. Olive picking, truffle hunting, laughter, pasta making, small restaurant cooking demos and hosts that make you friends at the first minute. I almost hate to recommend it because I want to be able to go back on a moments notice!

    • Ciao Julie- thanks for that info- it sounds so lovely! I love those kind of recommendations- where you’re almost afraid to tell anyone about it. Much thanks for deciding to share- it sounds very similar to our Olive harvest tour in Umbria. <3

  • Loretta Marvel says:

    I was at Anna Tasca Lanza last June! And crying that I am not there now!

  • Wow ~ so much deliciousness here. Thank you for putting together this list, and for including our Abruzzo Presto culinary tours. Also I love Latteria Studio in Rome ~ wonderful group of women who cook there! Grazie di cuore xx

    • Thank you Domenica- I’ve been reading ab out your Abruzzo tours for awhile now- and they are definitely on my list. 🙂

  • Thank you so much for this! So much of our travel revolves around eating. This will save us so much time when planning what we should eat. Can’t wait to eat my way through Italy someday!

  • Jo ~ Beyond the Lamp Post says:

    Yuuuuummmmmm!!! This post is making me so hungry!! I don’t have a food bucket list, but maybe I should. It would help me take a more measured approach to knowing what I’m eating, rather than just eating all the things. Although that has its benefits too…

      • Judy Zito says:

        I am thrilled spitless to have found your blog!!! OMG !! I now truly can’t wait to go to Italy, for the first time as it’s been at top of my bucket list for years. I can’t think of a better way to explore it and all of its regions, than by eating my way through it.
        YAY!! Your enthusiasm is contagious!