The #Nofilter Project: Milan

Milan | amerryfeast.comThis week I’m honored to participate in London City Airport’s #NoFilter Milan project. The idea behind this is embracing photography using no filters or programs to alter or edit your photos. Really letting the natural beauty of your subjects shine through.

Milan is the 4th city in the project. Previous locations include Madrid, Geneva and most recently, Dublin. (Check out their pages too, it will spark a serious case of wanderlust!)

London City Airport asked some local bloggers to share unedited photos of Milan and Sara Rosso from Ms. Adventures in Italy is going to take a look at all of them and pick the one she thinks shows off Milan best!

When they asked me to be part of the #NoFilter Milan project, I was immediately intrigued and nervous!  I loved the idea of taking and sharing photos of my adopted city of Milan that are raw and unedited, but I’m not going to lie. I am addicted to Instagram, and do love tweaking my photos with filters. However, I’m up for the challenge!

•Beautiful Milano with No Filter•

Here are a few of my favorite spots around the city…

The Colonne di San Lorenzo, also known as “the Roman Wall”, dates back to the 5th century. Sitting in front of the beautiful Basilica di San Lorenzo, it is a gorgeous slice of life and history in the center of the city. This angle is one I usually don’t take, but was trying to catch that beautiful rare blue winter sky. I love the details it captured.

The streets of the Brera neighborhood are a wonderful spot to explore and get lost in- you never know what you’ll come across! Loved this little vintage shop all decked out and hidden down a narrow street.

I just recently discovered Taglio in the Navigli neighborhood and am so smitten with everything here! It is a beautiful space to stop by for brunch, lunch, coffee, or an aperitivo. (They also sell gorgeous kitchen linens, coffee beans, gourmet foods and more) It has an airy yet cozy feel to it and the staff are super friendly, despite my bumbling Italian.  I love these bitters bottles up at the bar and the exposed brick wall behind.

The fresh fruits and vegetables at local produce stands, or morning markets are so appealing. They make a great photo subject if you are drawn to color and/or food- which I always am! I am also a sucker for Italian signs- so this photo really is the trifecta of happiness for me.

I think the Duomo di Milano is exquisite. I have hundreds of photos of it- it’s impossible to walk by and not take even more! Some of my favorite shots are taken up on the roof, the details + viewpoint you can capture there are quite amazing. I also love to visit in the evening when the setting sun reflects off the facade and turns the marble a rosy pink. Definitely no filter needed!

2 tips: Buy a wristband inside for 2 euros to take photos inside the church. Go to the 7th floor terrace of La Rinascente, (a department store next to the Duomo) where you can enjoy a birds eye view of the intricate spires and gargoyles of the Duomo while sipping your favorite beverage.

{My tips for travel photography}

I am by no means a photography expert, but here are some things I keep in mind when I am out and about with my camera.

Wander off the beaten path:

By turning off the main streets, you are more likely to capture small hidden treasures you wouldn’t see if you were only staying near the main sights. These type of photos usually end up being our personal favorites.

Look up!

Anytime the sky is blue in Milan it seems like a miracle and I always try to get some of that lovely blue in my photos. Its naturally beautiful and you will also capture details of buildings or other parts of the city that make it special.

Play with Angles:

Try to pick different angles of your subject and shoot them all. With digital photography it’s easy to take more than you think you need, and then whittle down to your favorites later. You might find that you really love that photo you took that wasn’t like all the others…

Little Details:

Often, my favorite things to capture while traveling are my morning espresso, tables at a favorite café, a sign or storefront I love, something beautiful we ate, or the doorway that calls to me as I walk by. Try to include the beautiful details of your day, not just the “must see” sites. Those are good too- but later when I’m looking back at photos, I’m always thrilled to see some of those small details. Immediately I’m taken back to the best parts of my trip.

I adore Milan. I have to admit, at first it was a bit of a slow romance.  Now that we’ve been here a few years, my love of Milan is in full swing. It’s an incredible place that you could explore for years and still be finding new things to see and do and taste and learn about.

Milan is glamorous, thats for sure- but I chose to focus on the more “quiet everyday beauty” of Milan for this project. I hope you enjoyed looking at just a tiny piece of this beautiful city through my camera lens.

The hardest part of this project was narrowing down the photos to only 5. Oh my word! I can’t wait to see Milan through the eyes of the other folks blogging about this challenge this week!

xo- Heather


This was a photography competition for bloggers held by London City Airport to promote #NoFilter photography.  A prize will be awarded to the winning photo and I have accepted Amazon vouchers for participating.  All content and opinions are my own.

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