The Last Hurrah! (our final expat itinerary)

Welp. It’s that time.

We are headed back to the states later this summer, which we all have such over the top mixed feelings about. Because I am in such denial and because trip planning is my happy place, I have been thinking for months about our LAST HURRAH- the longest trip we’ve taken so far because I am all about eeking out every last moment of living and enjoying Europe.

We’ve talked of road trips to places we haven’t been yet. (there are so many!)  North to Germany, or a road trip south to parts of Italy unexplored by us so far. A train down to the South of France, A ferry over to Sardinia (on my bucket list for sure) Chris would love to visit San Marino, I would love to explore Le Marche and Puglia. The list goes on and on.

The kids are just rolling their eyes and saying- really?! Let’s just fly home, already!

But after months of angst and reading and consulting- here it is.

Ta-Da! The Carlson-Last Hurrah-Epic Road trip of  2015.

Nothing can be easy of course, but after we get the dogs back to the USA, and pack up our whole house- Chris has to still work a bit. So we’ll adventure off by ourselves, and he’ll join us at the end of the week.

  • The kids and I don’t want to sit in our empty house sweltering and crying into our limonata, so we have decided to hop a train to FRANCE. I really tried to have this entire trip be all about Italy (my one true love) but our friends told us about this darling village and we can get there from Milan on the train. It will be the perfect relax and recoup week after all the emotional roller coaster and exhausting that is saying goodbye and moving. At least I’m hoping so.
  • Chris will join us for the weekend in France and then we will road trip our way to Tuscany to attend the Palio- a true long held dream of both Chris and I. We are going for the whole shebang- all the events and festivities and have found a darling B&B whose family have already won us over with their hospitality and I think we’ll just have to adopt them, or maybe I want them to adopt us? Yes, that sounds better…
  • After the Palio, we head to Umbria– our heart of hearts. A great place to end this adventure and process, drink prosecco and possibly pass out from exhaustion! The house we’ve rented is one I have read about for literally years and I couldn’t be more happy about living in a stone farm house with a pool and pizza oven surrounded by olive groves. I don’t think I will ever want to leave. I definitely think 1 week will not be enough. I’ll keep you posted…

The Last Hurrah (our final expat itinerary)

Week 1: Villefranche Sur Mer, France

Week 2: Siena, Italy (THE PALIO!!)

Week 3: Paciano, Umbria to the farmhouse of my dreams. (More on why this place is so special to me before I even stepped into it later.)

We are spoiled. We know it. We are milking all this beauty for all it’s worth before we head back to Idaho with its fields of mint and potatoes and beets and onions and high desert heat. (all of which I love, it’s just not- you know, ITALY)

Thanks for being here, friends. The adventure continues…


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