Changes…The last days of Summer

We are hurtling towards the last days of summer break. Clothes purchased, pencils sharpened, backpacks ready. School starts this week for my daughter, and the following week for my son.

I’m not ready, however. This summer feels like the shortest one yet, and somehow the longest at the same time.

It’s been a summer of change.


Beautiful and exhausting travel.

Unpacking literally and emotionally.

Goodbye hugs and hello kisses. And many many tears.

Today marks a month since we left Italy. Home is feeling more homey and less strange.  We are still fully enjoying the central air-conditioning and ease of daily chores. I’m still amazed at the craziest little things like how huge the parking spots are at Target, and how many flavors of Doritos there are.

We’ve packed in more than I have ever done the month before school starts.

Dr. Visits, Dentist & Ortho. appointments. Trips to the eye Dr. & new glasses. Drivers ed. 4 new cell phones and new strange phone numbers to memorize, Shopping for and buying 2 new cars. Attempting to find stuff in our house. Shopping for school supplies. registering for 2 schools, new student interviews, and orientation.

I long to push all these chores aside and feel settled at home. As with everything these days I keep having to remind myself that we are staying put for awhile and I don’t need to panic that I can’t fit it all in at once. I know it’s a process, that must be lived and felt and gone through, step by step.

As many mommas do by the end of August, I long for routine, thinking it will make the days feel more normal- but the thought of everyone being back to school and work makes me emotional because that means we are rooted into our new life here.

We love reconnecting with friends, but feel a little bit like zoo animals being watched and examined. We answer lots of questions.

Are you happy to be back?

How was Italy?

What was your favorite part?

Where did you travel?

What was your favorite food?

What will you miss the most?

Answering these questions feels impossible & overwhelming at times, yet somehow fun. They remind us of the adventure we’ve been on. (it wasn’t just a dream!)  They also remind us how different things are now- in our lives and minds and hearts. How can we adequately share our thoughts + feelings about our time in Italy and how much we are missing it already?

We tell people we are glad to be home. And we mean it. Yet each day that passes I feel a little more blue, a little more restless. I shove it down.

I sort through kitchen cabinets, making room for all my beloved kitchen things that are in the shipment that will come one of these weeks. These words leave my mouth daily “when the shipment comes…” as I am searching for my favorite knife, favorite salad bowl, favorite orange pot.

In anticipation of the changes coming in the next few weeks- I’m feeding my people less Mexican food, and more green smoothies. I’m making more meal plans and rediscovering my favorite places to shop for food.

Life is good. Different but good. Most days I’m thrilled to be home. Thanks for listening to the ramble friends, it feels good to get it all out.

xx- Heather


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