The in-between.

So we’ve been home for 3 weeks. And it has been divine. Except for all of the doctors appointments- I’d much rather be playing.  Getting everyone set with clean teeth, new glasses and updating immunizations for the coming year is exhausting! Although even that has not been so bad because of this 1 thing.


It’s all in your perspective of course, but the instant I started driving around and running errands it hit me. There’s no stress to driving, to talking to the doctor or going to the pharmacy or picking out new glasses.  Grocery shopping? It’s a breeze. A BREEZE, I say!

I’m enjoying every minute. Our days have been filled with friends, appointments, food, shopping for the upcoming year, and more time with friends.

The thing that has been strange is the feeling of not being at home, but being a visitor in my own home and town. Not a tourist but not a local at the same time. Which is exactly how I feel in Italy.

The in-between.

I’ve heard of this feeling from other expats, but it’s hard to understand fully until you are right in the middle of it. I’m ok with it, and know it’s a normal reaction when home is now in 2 countries. And honestly I feel very lucky to even have this issue! But it’s an unusual feeling- not horrible, or annoying- more like a wee bit curious yet unsettling.

So here we are back at home and yet unintentionally comparing everything to our life in Italy. I still crack myself up every time something that I haven’t thought of blows me away. The largeness of everything here was a shock to the system- my kitchen, appliances, the size of packaging and groceries.

The minute I walked into my house the first time and saw the HUGE washing machine and dryer I’m pretty sure I squealed!  I complain of course about how the laundry situation in Italy drives me up the wall, but I had forgotten what I would be returning to. And again, how easy it is to throw a huge load in and have it washed and dried in the blink of an eye.

For the first week I must have said “holy cow- I totally forgot about this” about a bazillion times. My oven can fit not 1, but 2 9×13 pans side by side on the top rack alone. It’s a miracle! I can actually step inside my pantry, and our little acreage feels like a ginormous farm compared to our lovely Italian townhouse.

There are many lovely things about living abroad (the travel and the beauty and the food being at the top of my list) And there are many wonderful things about coming home after being gone. (the friends, the familiar, the comfort, and once again, how easy everything seems.)

I am enjoying every minute of being home, and yet I’m still looking forward to 1 more year of adventure and this feeling of in-between. Next summer and the return to large appliances will come soon enough.

You have my permission to remind me of that next time I whine about the laundry…

<3 H

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