Eat your way through Rome (The Roman Guy Food Tour)

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Ahhh, Rome. EVERYTHING about it is delicious.

As you walk through the streets and pass restaurants, bars, gelato shops & bakeries, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with your options. And since I feel it is my heartfelt duty to help you navigate your food travels + avoid having any bad meals while on your trip, I’m giving you this advice >> Go on a food tour.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do- and be sure to eat well. The way to accomplish this is by going on a food tour (a.k.a. a moveable feast) with The Roman Guy. They will help you not only eat really well, but they'll teach you things about the food, culture and city that you didn’t even know you needed to know.


A Taste of Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours

If you’ve hung around here for awhile you know how much I love Rome. I have returned time and time again and am continually surprised and enamored with this city- its beauty, history, charm and food.

I have dedicated quite a few years to tasting my way through Rome. Even so, I was thrilled when The Roman Guy invited me to join one of their walking food tours while I was in Rome recently.

Today I'm sharing a peek into the Trastevere Foodie Walking Tour offered by The Roman Guy- as well as my thoughts, experience and details on how you can book this delicious tour for yourself.

For this trip, I had based myself in charming Trastevere, a neighborhood across the Tiber rIver. On previous trips, I had enjoyed a few meals and a few strolls in Trastevere but didn’t know it well. The Roman Guy’s Trastevere Food tour was the perfect introduction for my week there.

(Italy Travel Tips) How to Eat Your Way through Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours

My Experience:

The tour I went on was in the evening, which is great for travelers who want to eat well, but want to eat earlier than the traditional Roman dinner hours (most all of the good places don’t open for dinner until close to 8pm)

Now, I love a good meal AND a good food tour. The thing that many food tours don’t do is combine both of those things. The Roman Guy skillfully led us through the streets of Rome to tiny hidden places for tastings of various Roman foods, but then our 5th (!) stop was at a little trattoria where we sat together at a table with some wine and bruschetta and tried several traditional Roman pasta dishes.

A brilliant twist, I think. By then, after snacking and sipping our way through the city center, everyone felt very comfortable with each other and we chatted and swapped food & travel stories.

(Italy Travel Tips) How to Eat Your Way through Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours
(Italy Travel Tips) How to Eat Your Way through Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours
(Italy Travel Tips) How to Eat Your Way through Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours
(Italy Travel Tips) How to Eat Your Way through Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours

My Thoughts:

I don’t want to give away all the secrets in store for you when you take this tour, but I will tell you that even after visiting Rome many times over the past decade- I learned and tasted so much.

What we ate:

Local cheeses, salumi, street food (pizza al taglio & baccala) crostini & bruschetta, a sampling of Roman pasta dishes, hand crafted gelato & of course some lovely local wines.


I've taken plenty of food tours, but this one was particularly lovely because we ended at a restaurant, gathered around the table- sharing our love of Rome and food and wine and stories about our travels.

It was the perfect end to a delicious night.

(Italy Travel Tips) How to Eat Your Way through Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours

Tips for taking a tour with The Roman Guy

  • Take the food tour on your first or 2nd day in Rome. This helps give you an excellent feel for the city and also helps make sure you eat like a king on your whole trip.
  • Eat light earlier in the day- you will be snacking for close to 4 hours. The portions aren’t huge, but it is more than enough for a meal (8 tastings & 6 stops!)
  • Wear your stretchy pants and your comfortable walking shoes. This is not an intense tour, but you will be walking and chatting and eating for awhile, so you might as well make sure you are comfy & prepared.
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    Take a daytime tour if you want to see the neighborhood in the light, and get great photos.An evening tour is a great option if you want to eat dinner earlier than the usual 8-10pm Roman dinner time. (a great tip for jet lagged travelers & families.)
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    Get to know your fellow travelers. Even if you aren't a social butterfly, the group is small and you immediately have something in common- you love food & are exploring Rome.
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    Ask questions! Our guide Luca was so friendly and helpful and answered questions on all topics from where to find a taxi, the history of baccala (salt cod) to which wine bar & suppli place we should visit. He even gave me some tips for Naples (where he is originally from) since I was headed there soon after.
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    Grab a business card from each place you visit, so it's easier to find it if you want to return.
(Italy Travel Tips) How to Eat Your Way through Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours

Final Thoughts:

Yes, I really do think it is worth a trip to Rome for JUST the food. Even if you aren’t a self proclaimed food nerd like me, treat yourself with this food tour with the Roman Guy. It will educate, entertain and fill you up- and *bonus* it is the best way to get the inside scoop on not only what to eat in Rome, but where to eat it.

Is there anything better? I don’t think so.  This food tour is worth its weight in gold for the information, local tips, food & culture education you will gather and of course, the delicious food.


How to book your moveable feast with The Roman Guy

Trastevere Food Tour with Wine & Dinner (the tour I took)

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(Italy Travel Tips) How to Eat Your Way through Rome with The Roman Guy Food Tours

Disclosure: I was invited by the Roman Guy to join their Trastevere Food Tour and I'm so thankful they did! However, all views & opinions are my own. I love sharing helpful tips on traveling and eating well and only share things I would tell my BFF about!

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