Round-Up of Reader Favorites {2015}

2015 was a pretty epic year for our family.

And by epic, I mean exhilarating, exhausting, and emotionally charged. We started the year living in Italy, and traveled many places before we packed up the last bits and moved back to Idaho in July.

(Florence, Venice, Ravenna, Torino, Siena, Pisa & Lucca, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Turkey, France, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria and many day trips from Milan.) Eek. That is so weird to see in writing.

After that, we moved back to America, got reacquainted with our friends and family and house and pets. We started school and work and bought cars, ate too much mexican food and continued to unpack our lives & our memories. It has been wonderful and exhausting and it feels like we are still catching our breath.

We have had our fair share of reverse culture shock, as evidenced by some of my Insta-sharing over the last 6 months. One little example would be going from this….


to this. It has been an interesting journey so far….

Fair food deliciousness- Funnel cake! #westernidahofair #merryfeasteats

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Through it all, I have loved being here with you- sharing the delicious and fun parts of life even in the midst of so much change. I always love a good look back, and so without further rambling from me-

Here are your favorite posts from A Merry Feast in 2015.

 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Instagram Love: 10 Favorites in Italy :



 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Letizia’s Umbrian Cacciatore {A Kitchen With a View Cookbook}:

Letizia is the most generous, passionate, wonderful teacher I have encountered. When she told me last year that she was writing a cookbook, my immediate thought was lucky us! I knew it would be a treasure- and one I would want to share with everyone I knew.


 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Ultimate Italy Lovers Gift Guide:

Even though we all would rather be shopping for treasures IN ITALY, sometimes that is just not a possibility. Lucky for us, are many fantastic gift ideas out there on the inter- webs, and I hope you find just the perfect thing for the Italophile in your life.


 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Castell’Arquato {Favorite day trips from Milan}:

Have you ever had a place, a secret place that you don’t want to share with anyone because it is such a wonderful find? I have such a place, and I decided it was time to stop being selfish and tell you about it.


 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Milano Expo 2015:

I’ve been hearing reviews of the Milano EXPO (a.k.a. World’s Fair) from friends and the reviews have been all over the map. People loved it, people hated it. Truth is, just like everyone has different styles of traveling- people expect different things from a huge event like the EXPO… I finally went and have some notes and tips to share with you.


 Reader Favorites (2015) |

The No Filter Project Milan:

This week I’m honored to participate in London City Airport’s #NoFilter Milan project. The idea behind this is embracing photography using no filters or programs to alter or edit your photos. Really letting the natural beauty of your subjects shine through. Milan is the 4th city in the project. Previous locations include MadridGeneva and most recently, Dublin. (Check out their pages too, it will spark a serious case of wanderlust!)


 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Parma {Favorite day trips from Milan}:

A couple of weekends ago we decided to head to Parma, a town we had skirted the edges of when we met up with Angelo for our foodie day in the hills surrounding Parma- but had never returned to explore the town itself. Let me just say this. PARMA, I HAD NO IDEA HOW LOVELY YOU ARE!


 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Guimarães, Portugal {the loveliest surprise}:

Guimarães is stunning. I had never heard of it, but found it when doing the infamous google search for “beautiful small towns in…..”  The historical center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and we loved spending our first few days in Portugal here. In fact we didn’t want to leave.


 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Piacenza {Favorite day trips from Milan}:

Piacenza is so charming and a little quirky in the best way. Dating back to 218 b.c., it was constructed by the Romans as a military colony. In 2015 it is a real bustling little city full of university students, families, and people working and socializing.


 Reader Favorites (2015) |

Five Favorites in Milan:

There is never a shortage of things to see and do in Milan! Today I am sharing 5 of my favorite places to visit in this beautiful city. The first 3 are within a 5-10 min walk of Piazza Duomo. Combine any of these with a trip to visit the Cathedral, stopping for lunch or coffee in between for a beautiful and delicious day.


Do you have a favorite post that didn’t make it into this list? I’d love to hear about it!

xx- Heather

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