10 podcasts every Italophile needs in their life.

Podcasts for Italy Lovers: 10 favorite podcasts every Italophile needs in their life

10 podcasts every Italophile needs in their life!

Podcasts have been popular for quite some time, but it’s not until I moved away from home that I really really fell in love with them. I went through periods of feeling very disconnected with American life while we were living in Italy- and I loved listening to podcasts at my house, out on walks or in the car, it was just a little taste of home which was comforting.

My particular favorites on my rotating podcast list are mostly hinged around food, travel & many great NPR podcasts. ( spilled milk or tiny desk concerts anyone?)

Not completely surprising, I also have a particular fondness for podcasts about Italy. My list of favorites grows constantly, but these 10 podcasts are where I return to again and again for inspiration, knowledge, connection and memories when Italy feels too far away.

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They are so great for travel planning, and make for lovely company in the kitchen, or when in my car running my kids hither and yon.

10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com

The Bittersweet Life

“A Rome-based podcast exploring the wonder and frustration of living as an expat.”

I’m starting with this podcast because it is the one nearest and dearest to my heart. It grabbed me from the first moments of listening to it. Listen to episode 1 and come along for the ride. There are so many things I love about Katy Sewall & Tiffany Parks stories that they share. I love the honesty of their topics- sharing the highs and lows of expat life. I particularly feel connected to them because as Katy was preparing for her repatriation to America, I was starting my own process to leave Milan and was in complete denial. A totally acceptable state of mind, by the way.

Favorite episode| So many! 2 favorites, Morning (episode 44) Repat (Episode 64)

Website | thebittersweetlife.net


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com

Eye on Italy Podcast

“A podcast for anyone who’s loved Italy or wants to love it.”

A podcast for lovers of Italy in English by Jessica Spiegel, Michelle Fabio, and Sara Rosso. I love this podcast. It’s smart and fun and packed full of great information- with discussion on Italian culture & news, travel tips and fascinating interviews with everyone from archaeologists & historians, and  writers to rabbis.

Favorite episode | Casanova’s Venice with Monica Vidoni (Episode 35) 

Website | eyeonitaly.com


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com

The Fatal Charm of Italy: a Q&A Podcast with Rick Zullo

Rick is an American living in Rome, writing and sharing bits of his life in the most beautiful city in the world (in my opinion…) He primarily interviews others, and is a fantastic host- giving his guests a chance to shine and share their expertise in everything from regional cooking and hidden museums to Italian culture and travel tips. I’ve enjoyed reading Rick’s blog for years, and was really happy when he started his podcast last year. Listen in, I bet you’ll love it!

Favorite episode | Eating Well in Bologna with Sarah Dowling (Episode 5)

Website | rickzullo.com


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com


Podcast from Italy with Ashley & Jason Bartner

I’ve mentioned my fondness of Ashley’s blog & IG account in the past. This podcast, with Ashley and her husband Jason is a fun look inside of their lives in Italy where they have been running their agriturismo and cooking school for many years. They are starting a new chapter as they have just sold their business and are starting a really fun new business, called No Half Measures. I’m looking forward to hearing about what’s happening with them in the months ahead. Don’t miss their videos at No Half Measures Films -I’m a big fan of following their travels in this medium as well!

Favorite episode | Oscar Nominations, Online Cooking Classes, A List of “Weird Food” and…Berlusconi’s Back! (Episode #66)

Websites: latavolamarche.blogspot.com and nhmblog.com


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com

Savoring Italy

Lora is the host of Savoring Italy (the podcast and the blog.) She is an Italian American based in Florida whose passion for Italy & Italian cooking is infectious! I was immediately drawn in to her warm and informative interviews with locals & expats who also share these passions. I haven’t met Lora, but after listening to her podcast, I felt like I’ve made a friend!

Favorite episode | due parole con Georgette Jupe-Girl in Florence (Episode 1)

Website | savoringitaly.com


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com


30 Minute Italian with Cher Hale

“Boosting your confidence in speaking Italian.”  A friendly welcoming way to start your Italian language education. This podcast is a great partner to Cher’s blog The Iceberg Project which focuses on “the friendlier side of Italian”, teaching people to be conversational rather than fluent.  Cher has discontinued her podcast for the time being, but it is still a fabulous resource to go back and listen to the old episodes.

Favorite episodes | 21 Must-Know Vocabulary Words for Making Pasta in Italian & 12 Phrases for Making Friends While Traveling in Italy

Website | theicebergproject.com


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com

How to tour Italy

Anthony Capozzoli is the host and writer behind this podcast and blog- a wonderful treasure trove of information on traveling in Italy. I love his off the beaten path discoveries and find his guests equally interesting. Sign up for his podcast and blog- you won’t want to miss any of his recommendations if you are traveling to Italy any time soon!

Favorite episode | Caravaggio – Master of Shadows and Wanted for Murder

Website info.howtotouritaly.com


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com

 Living Villa Cappelli

Paul and Steven are the creators of this podcast covering Italian food, culture & life in Italy. They have a farm, restaurant and villa rental in Puglia and love to share their travel tips, recipes and more. I’ve just discovered their podcast & website and am smitten with the photos, tips and love having a peek at the life they have created in this beautiful place.

Favorite episode |  How to tell if your extra virgin olive oil is really extra virgin (Episode 22)

Website | livingvillacappelli.com


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com

Thoughts on the Table

“Thoughts on the table” is a podcast that delves deep into Italian food culture in Italy and around the world, something I truly love learning about. Paolo is for sure passionate about what makes traditional regional Italian food- and after just returning from living in Italy I really appreciate his role of educating people on the many differences. (I’m struggling with America’s obsession with Chicken fettucine alfredo – Ack!) Super fun and recommended listening.

Favorite episode | Truffle Hunting in Abruzzo with Hannah Solomon from SZ Tartufi

Website | disgracesonthemenu.com


10 Podcasts for Italophiles | amerryfeast.com

Rick Steves Audio Europe (Italy) 

And of course I had to include Rick Steves! Rick has hundreds of resources for travelers. I enjoy listening to his podcasts and tours (at times) when traveling. This is more of an app than a podcast- but a really valuable thing to have with you. Rick will teach and entertain you while you are preparing for your trip, or when you are on the go while you listen to his audio guides of famous sites which are descriptive and informative. If you download them before you go, you won’t need wifi or a cell connection to listen which is super handy when you are traveling out of the country.

Website: ricksteves.com


What about you?

What are your favorite podcasts, and do you have any podcasts on Italy I need to know about?!

Ciao Ciao for now…

-Heather xx

10 podcasts every Italophile needs in their life. 1https://merryfeast.leadpages.co/leadbox-1483727496.js

Podcasts for Italy Lovers: 10 favorite podcasts every Italophile needs in their life

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