Pizza Lovers Gift Guide

Smitten Italy Pizza Lovers Gift Guide


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Pizza Lovers Gift Guide

If you are *team pizza* like me, or if you have a pizza lover in your life, I think you’ll like this roundup of gift ideas for Pizza lovers! From stocking stuffers to all the best gear to throw an epic pizza party at home- I’ve got you covered. Dive into our ultimate gift guide for Pizza Lovers!


Pizza Lovers Gift Guide

Stocking Stuffers & Fun Gifts



Pizza Lovers Gift Guide

For the At-Home-Pizza Chef

We’ve been trying to master our pizza making party skills for the past few years, and here are some of my favorite tools & techniques for making great pizza at home. (and a couple that I have on my wish list)

  • This pizza peel will immediately up your pizza party game- the thin aluminum and long handle work great when moving pizzas on and off the grill or the oven. I’d love to get another one like this folding pizza peel so I have 1 to prep pizza on, and 1 to pull the hot pizza out.
  • Last year I made the switch from baking stone to this baking steel by Nerd Chef and I love it! It is able to get hotter and retain the heat, helping the crust get more brown in the process. (I have tried several kinds of stones, and wish I had gone straight to the steel.)
  • My Pizza by Jim Lahey & Rick Flaste was my first pizza book, and still my fave.
  • This pizza cutter is on my Christmas list, I love a good square cut pizza and think this is just the tool.
  • Mastering Pizza & The Elements of Pizza, both of these are on my personal wishlist (Are you a cookbook hoarder too?)
  • This Danish dough wisk and 6 qt container make pizza dough making a breeze (follow Jim’s recipe & technique in the My Pizza book for the easiest tasty dough)
  • I would love to try this lodge pizza pan with handles on my grill.
  • I love these simple glass bowls for organizing my toppings, a small ladle and a cheese grater are helpful for the sauce and cheese.
  • The idea of a portable pizza oven is appealing to me, I haven’t tried it yet, but the price point is good compared to building a full blown pizza oven in your backyard. (Have you tried something like this?)

For a fab Pizza Chef gift: make a gift bundle with the peel, a baking steel, my favorite Pizza book, the dough whisk & a pizza cutter.

Then invite yourself over for pizza night and reap the rewards of being the best gift giver ever…



The Ultimate Gift Idea- Epic Pizza Experiences in Italy

For the Ultimate Pizza lovers gift, buy your favorite foodie the gift of  a delicious experience in Italy.

Here are 2 of my favorites that would be an epic gift for yourself, or your pizza loving co-horts, just make sure they take you with them!


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Casa Mia Food & Wine

Book a Food & pizza making tour in Naples, Italy with Casa Mia Food & Wine.  We did this last year as a family and it was so fun & delicious. They also offer in depth walking food tours, wine tastings and more in Rome, Naples & Beyond. Contact Casa Mia for gift buying questions.

La Tavola Marche

Book a summertime farmhouse stay & cooking classes at La tavola Marche with their famous weekly pizza party under the stars. Sounds dreamy, don’t you think?


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What’s on your list?

See all of our gift ideas for Italophiles over here.



Smitten Italy Pizza Lovers Gift Guide


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