Our Best Bites | 2014


The best travel days begin like this: Coffee, showers, a bite of breakfast.

Chris decides which churches we will visit, and I decide where we will eat that day. The rest of the day falls together based on those two very important things.

As the day goes on, we pop into a café for a quick espresso, or scope out a gelato stop when the kids are at their limit of art and piazzas and alleyways full of intriguing doors.

But it’s really all about THE MEAL. Each day we decide if it will be lunch or dinner- and we look forward to it.

Looking back at our trips last year- the things that stand out are different for each of us.

Chris loved Istanbul- every last bit.

Abby adored Ireland, especially the gray rainy days and bookshops and pots of tea.

Ben is still dreaming of our Easter trip to Rhodes- days filled with beach and sun and riding donkeys and Greek Easter traditions.

We were chatting a few weeks ago about where we would go this year, and where everyone’s favorites from last year were. And as we talked, I realized once again that what we all had in common, what brought us together- was THE MEAL.

We remembered our favorite sunny patio with a side of greek salad and spicy feta in Lindos, Greece. The Guiness stew in Clifden, Ireland on a misty wet night. The truffled Strongozzi in Montefalco, Umbria after we climbed the icy hill in the snow. The beautiful sun filled piazza + tapas in Seville.

We’ve traveled more than we ever have in our lives this last year- and it is amazing and exhilarating and sometimes exhausting. We have many “oh my word I cannot believe we are here” moments. We laugh and complain and bicker and kiss + make up.

And at the end of the day, the best part is finding a table for 4 in a cozy place eating a delicious meal with my favorite people in the world. 

(I’m not going to lie- while sometimes thanking the good Lord that we survived the day and resisting the urge to wring their necks across the table…)

Here are some of our favorite bites from last year. Cheers to tasting life to the last drop!



Cathderal of Seville


 Lindos, Greece.

Lindos Beach, Greece




Connemara, Ireland




Delicious Market Breakfast with Istanbul on Food





One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not  dined well.   -Virginia Woolf 

Our Favorite Bites & Where to Find Them:


Poilane Bakery, Paris.

Cook’n with Class, Paris

La Azotea, Seville Spain

Taberna Luque, Cordoba Spain

Skala Beach Taberna, Lindos.

Guys Bar & Snug, Clifden Ireland

The Quay Street Kitchen, Galway Ireland

Istanbul on Food (amazing food tour!) Istanbul.

Acik Mutfak Open Kitchen, Istanbul

Eating Amsterdam Food Tour (delicious and fun food tour), Amsterdam.

I hope you get a chance to wander into one of these places if your travels take you there.

Buon Appetito!

xx- Heather


p.s. What was your favorite meal of 2014?


For last year’s favorite meals, read Our Favorite Bites 2013!

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