Movie Date! {Milano Style}

Last year at this time I boarded an early morning plane bound for Traverse City, Michigan to spend a long weekend with my oldest and dearest friends. We laughed a lot and reminisced, ate beer cheese soup and pie.

Friends for life.

We went shopping, shared secrets, made a snow-gal, learned about The Legend of the Dogman, had our own Oscar party and went to the beautiful State Theatre to see Argo, which won the Oscar for best movie.

It was a great weekend.

So fun! Went to see Argo after it won Best Picture.

This year, in my current time zone, the Oscars started at 3 a.m. and I was snoozing away. We have them loaded and ready to watch & I was really looking forward to having our own little Oscar extravaganza but honestly Chris & I are finishing up Season 2 of House of Cards, and I cannot rip myself away from that show to watch the Oscars.


The day AFTER the Oscars I went to the movies with some of my new friends, Kim and Jen. They have reintroduced me to going to the movies, Milano style. How wonderful is that? I hadn’t taken time to learn how to navigate finding the original language movies in town. But now I know, and can re-join the movie going world. Woo-Hoo!

Before the movie we ate gnocchi with truffles and strawberry-barolo risotto, bought our tickets with euros and sat in our assigned seats. We saw “Inside Llewyn Davis”, a Coen brothers movie, and learned new curse words with the Italian sub-titles. ha!  Afterwards we treated ourselves to a caffé and a treat before taking the metro back home.

It was such a lovely date with girlfriends! Going to the movies is different here. Not bad. But definitely different. I LOVE and am so thankful for my new found friends, but was especially missing someone from home.

It was Monday March 3. A special day because it is my best-friend-from-home-partner-in-crime-roadtrip-and-movie-buddy Debra’s birthday.

I was thinking of how much fun we always had going to the movies in Idaho- laughing and sniffling our way through movies both good and bad, sneaking in real butter and brewer’s yeast for our popcorn, (unless we were at my favorite theater The Flicks who already have real butter and brewers yeast for their awesome popcorn) and giggling over my phobia about unnecessarily being surrounded by people.

I thought about how much she would enjoy this whole strange and unfamiliar experience of going to the movies in Italy. Someday she will come visit, and I will introduce her to my Milano friends, and take her to the movies- Italian style.

Until then, I am wishing her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY week and looking forward to some movie dates in Idaho at The Flicks this summer together.

Movies. I love them. I love watching them, talking about them, listening to soundtracks from them…

I’d love to know what movies you have loved lately- and what is your favorite go-to movie watching snack?

Ready. Set. Go.

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