Milan, we’ve arrived!

Duomo of Milan

We landed in Milan at 12pm. I didn’t even want to think about what time it was in Seattle, or how long we’d been awake. The dogs were spending the night in Frankfurt at the “animal lounge”, so all we needed to do is get our bags and drive to the hotel and try to keep everyone awake until evening. Easier said than done!

Surprisingly, our bags had all arrived, and we loaded up a cart but then spent an hour wandering the parking garage, looking for our car which Chris left here a few weeks ago. In the meantime, we got stuck in 2 elevators and had to find a bathroom while trying to prop our eyelids open and not bite each others heads off!

We finally found the blessed car, and crammed all the luggage in and around our bodies. The kids were still thinking this is a big adventure and I was so thankful!

About halfway to the hotel Ben starts saying he doesn’t feel well, which escalates into an emergency stop to find a bathroom. After a lengthy stop at a gas station, we headed toward the hotel again.

He barely makes it into the hotel lobby before throwing up. Again.

We checked in, everyone groggy and jet lagged. All I wanted to do was sleep and I as I laid down to close my eyes, Ben wakes me, crying. The poor boy is miserable and I ended up staying with him in 1 room, making him a bed on the floor of the bathroom- while Chris and Abby hung out in the room next door.

By now it was only 4pm. We usually try to stay up and awake until 7 or 8 pm to help our internal clock adjust- and I don’t know how we will make it until then.  I ended up taking a shower and checking on Ben in the next room every few minutes. He finally sacked out back in bed and falls asleep.

Chris, Abby and I managed to stay awake until 9 pm after a quick dinner at the hotel and then fell into a glorious, dead sleep. I thought for sure we’d be up in the night with the boy, but he slept All.Night.Long. (hallelujah!)

Cheers to arriving safely and getting through the last few days with our sanity still intact!

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