The Earthquake in Italy: How to help no matter where you are


Amatrice By Natsag at Italian Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons

The earthquake in Central Italy is heavy on all of our minds. Devastating several small towns near the Lazio/ Le Marche / Umbria border, it struck in the middle of the night Wednesday August 24th while families and holiday visitors slept.

The hardest hit were the small villages of Amatrice, Accumoli, and Pescara del Tronto.  Amatrice, famously known for it’s pasta dish “Spaghetti all’Amatriciana” was preparing for the 50th annual sagra celebrating the pasta dish this weekend.

My heart breaks for the families of the victims and all who are homeless or on the ground doing the hard work of search and rescue.

When you are far away from a disaster, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like there’s nothing you can do to help. I’m keeping an eye out for ways we can help from wherever we are on the earth. I believe the best thing we can do is not turn away in overwhelm, but work together to reach a helping hand to those devastated by this earthquake.

I’ll be updating it periodically with new info as it comes.

The Earthquake in Italy: How to help no matter where you are.

1 | Donate Money.

I am so in awe and thankfulness for the first responders & relief agencies tackling the disaster head on. By donating directly to agencies that are on the ground in Central Italy, you are helping in the quickest way possible. Here are some ideas:

2|  Host a dinner party.

Gather your friends or neighbors, make a feast and collect donations to be donated to the charity of your choice that is helping with the earthquake relief efforts.

3| Have a #VirtualSagra.

This weekend was to be the 50th annual Sagra (food festival) in Amatrice for their famous pasta dish, Spaghetti all’Amatriciana. Many people in the food community are supporting the relief efforts by having a #virtual sagra- making this dish at home with family and friends and donating money to charity. I love this and will be doing this for sure! Please join me and post your photos to social media using #virtualsagra.

4 | Don’t cancel your travel plans.

Please, If you have an upcoming trip to Italy, the biggest support you could give is to continue with your plans and support the local economy while you are there. There are many ways you can help if you are visiting or in Italy- and The Florentine and Italy Magazine has a great up to date list of local opportunities.

5 | Eat!

  • Many restaurants all around Italy and other parts of the world (including many locations in the US) are adding Amatriciana to their menus and donating part or all of the proceeds to disaster relief in central Italy. Check for restaurants in your community to see if they are participating, or better yet, ask them if they will! 
  • Mario Batali & Daniel Boulud are having a dinner party fundraiser in NYC on September 6. Details Here.
  • Bravo to #AMAtricianaan initiative launched to collect funds for the areas of central Italy devastated by the recent earthquake. They have lead the charge of asking restaurants to add Amatriciana to their menus, and donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. They have  organized a world-wide map with many of the restaurants who are participating.

– Heather xx

(Updated 8.30.16)

Amatrice By Natsag at Italian Wikipedia via Wikimedia Commons

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