How to help Italy during the COVID-19 outbreak.

How to help Italy during the COVID-19 outbreak. 4

updated March 23, 2020

How to help Italy small businesses during the coronavirus outbreak.

What a time we are living in, friends! The past few weeks the news from Italy seems to change daily- and now all of Italy is considered a “red zone”.

This sounds scary, but from everything I’m reading- it seems like a smart decision by the Italian government to help prevent this virus from spreading further. 

I know how disappointing it is to have had a trip to Italy planned that you now need to postpone. I have a trip currently planned for this year too, and am not sure what will be happening between now and then.

But even more than that-  I can't stop thinking about my friends in the tourist industry in Italy and how devastating this is for them.

Of course I'm concerned for my friends in Italy & their health- but also for their businesses. I’ve been in touch with many of my colleagues & friends to see how they are doing and how we can support them from afar.

Their biggest message is this: Don’t forget about us!

My reply? Not a chance! 

Travel is out for now- but hopefully in the coming months we can travel to Italy and not only enjoy our beloved Italia, but support these wonderful family businesses directly that need our help.

Until then, consider some of these ideas:


Share your love of Italy online- whether it is on social media, writing a review or just forwarding your favorite blog post to a friend. Your words matter!  

Send your favorite Italy accounts some love by sharing their FB page, IG account with your friends and family and send them some direct love in a message or email, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

5 Free Quick Ways to Help Your Favorite Small Businesses:

  • Write a review for their business or products on Amazon, Google, Trip advisor etc.
  • Share a virtual event they're holding on social media
  • Share a post from their Facebook Page & tag them
  • Like, comment & share their Instagram posts
  • Write an email or note of encouragement to them 


I’ve long been a champion of #bringingitalyhome when we cannot be there- and I’ve gathered some ideas for how to do that from wherever you are, right now. (find ideas here, and here)

Smitten Italy Shop:

We will be donating a portion of every purchase from the Smitten Italy Shop to the Cesvi Organization in Bergamo,  one of the hardest hit areas of Italy.

Purchase gift cards for lodging, experiences or meals for your Italy trip. This is a simple yet effective way to help small businesses in Italy survive right now.


Don’t give up on Italy- enjoy planning your next trip and spend this time researching where you want to go next. Here are some ideas:

More Ways to support your favorite Italian Businesses

Food & Wine.

Find pantry staples & wine from small producers if possible and see if they are able to ship.

Books & Podcasts.

Virtual Italy.

Scope out online classes, tours & experiences that you can book/purchase. Some of our fave. cooks in Italy are considering doing virtual cooking classes- I'll update this as I get more details.

Come share your favorite small biz in Italy  in our new Facebook group. Click the photo below!

How to help Italy during the COVID-19 outbreak. 5

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