Fond Farewells.


It feels like I’ve been saying goodbye for months now. At work I started saying goodbyes in February, and that lasted into May. Now that we are a few weeks from leaving, we’ve started the process of saying goodbye to friends.

I say process, because this emotional soul needs to do things in steps.

I also need a permanent box of kleenex glued to my side, I’ve been tearful, drippy mess. Good thing we know we will be back, can you imagine what a mess I would be if these goodbyes were more permanent? Oye.

The good news is we have been able to spend some time with good friends, sharing a table at some of our favorite spots around Boise- (Berryhill &Co, Flying Pie Pizzeria, Pho Nouveau) Sort of a last food tour before we leave. 

I am so thankful for my village of friends and the support and love they have showed us through the years of living in Idaho. We’ve raised our babies together, laughed and cried and celebrated and traveled and prayed together.  They have been my sanity, my glue- the past few months as I became more and more distracted with the millions of details for the move.

To show them our love and gratitude, we had a dinner party the other night. How lovely to get together one last time with our closest friends and cook and chat, laugh and cry, and enjoy a meal together. It was heavenly.

Fond Farewells. 8

Fond Farewells. 9

Until next time, friends…

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