Family trip into Milan

After we caught our breath and unpacked at least the essentials- it was time to take the kids into the city for the first time.

I was very excited to show them around-  they have never been out of the US, let alone in Italy- so I was hopeful they could get excited about living near Milan, and the beautiful historic center was the perfect place to start them off.

First of all- the Duomo of Milan is breathtaking- I was amazed by it when I came the first time in January, and still love going there. It is dark and mysterious and filled with the scent of candles and incense which I absolutely love.

I’ve found with the little bit of traveling we’ve done that I instantly bond with a church (or not) based on these 2 things.

  1. If they have real candles
  2. If the church is dark and has gothic architecture (LOVE)

(By dark, I mean not gold and baby blue, like many of the Baroque cathedrals.)

A&B have never seen anything like this- and they loved it. It has the perfect combo of detail and beauty, grandeur and darkness. And of course the sculpture of St. Bartholomew is incredible and ghastly all at the same time- they were mesmerized by it.

I had fun watching them- on the metro, in the city- taking it all in. Wondering what was running through their heads as they saw and experienced this city for the first time. It will be fun to see how they will change while we live here.

Physically I know they will change over the next 2 years-just like they would if we were living at home. But getting to travel and experience history and art and beauty, new cultures, language and chaos will change their lives forever. I hope we can all look back at this time someday in the future and recognize the gift of living here.

As an adult I can already anticipate that for them, but they are kids and can’t fully appreciate this new adventure we are on.

A&B at the Duomo, Milan

I hope they will share their feelings and experiences with me, but for now- I will take these smiles and enjoy the ride.

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