Dreaming of change.

I have always been a dreamer. Dreaming of trips I would like to take, of parties I’d like to throw, what I want to be when I grow up, you know- DREAMS.

I’ve been dreaming of change for a while now.

In September I visited my in-laws in Washington D.C. and that’s when the restlessness really kicked into high gear.

Watching families and business people come and go at the airport, I suddenly had the urge to rush home, pack up my family and go on a grand adventure.

The pull was stronger than I have ever felt. I longed for change.

Before I left on that trip, Chris and I were thinking and dreaming together.

He was restless at work and wanting a change so we were thinking big and laughing about moving to Japan or Italy.  I said, “Japan… I don’t know. Italy, definitely!”

Shortly after I returned from D.C. he came home one night and said, “So, would you consider moving to Italy? I might have a job there.”

And that’s how it began.

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