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Best Italy Travel Accessories for 2021

Finding & sharing travel accessories that work for you, making your travels easier is something that I love to do. I've rounded up my top 5 must pack items for 2021 that will help your Italy adventures go smoothly below. 

Here's why. I adore Italy, but sometimes things don't go quite as planned. It's part of the "adventure" so I like to decrease the likelihood of extra things popping up that are frustrating.

I can't control Italy, but I can control certain things- like feeling confident in a crowd that my belongings are safe, making the most out of few & far between outlets, and having a laundry plan so I can pack light.

All of these things help me travel with less stress- I hope they help you too! 

Buon Viaggio! 

Top 5 picks for 2021

  1. extra long usb cord
  2. multi-tasking plug adapters
  3. Theft proof purse
  4. Dual Voltage Hair Dryer
  5. DIY laundry kit

Get all the details & why I love these by reading below.

1. Extra long USB cord

Things to consider:

I started traveling Italy with a 10 ft. USB cord when we lived there, and it was a life changing revelation for me! 

Sounds silly- but many rooms in Italy only have 1 outlet,  so the 10 ft cord is super handy no matter where in the room your outlet is.

When I am back in my room or apartment at the end of the day- it's most likely that my phone needs to be recharged ASAP- but I often still have other things I need to do like edit photos, call my family, figure out directions to dinner,  etc. 

Enter the extra long USB cord. It is a little bit bulker to travel with- but so worth it, in my opinion! (Also handy for reading in bed, playing games while charging, you get the idea...)

What to Look for:

Pick a good quality brand like Anker, for quick charging and long lasting cord.

My pick:

Anker Powerline+ ll 10 Ft. usb cord.

You will pay more for Anker- but they are great quality cords that last- I have this cord in 10 ft, + 6 ft and have been using them for 4 years. (I use a red one for travel so I can easily see it and not leave it behind)

2. Good quality plug adapters

Things to consider:

Spend the money to get a good quality plug adapter. You don't want to ruin any of your electronics, or have a faulty adapter that quits halfway through your trip! (replacements can be difficult to find in Italy) 

I personally do not care for the "all in one"  box type worldwide adapters that are out there, allowing you to go anywhere in the world. I find they are lacking in quality and would much rather have 2 good plugs for Italy than a subpar set.

The brands I have used and that have lasted are: OREI, Ceptics, Tessan.

Because Italy is wonderfully complicated, you *may* need several types of plug adapters for your trip. These include:

  • Type C
  • Type L
  • Type F

Want to double check, or see what plug you need for another destination? Head here: Plug voltage by country

What to Look for:

 Multi-Plug Options: Old Italian buildings don't have an abundance of outlets, so if you want to be sure to be able to plug in more than 1 thing at a time, make sure to get one with dual plugs. (like this one)

Decide if USB ports are important to you (many now come with them)

Plugs with a low profile are nice to have, especially if you are tight on space.

My picks:

I always travel to Italy with 2 type C plugs & 1 type F. Here are some top picks below:

This Ceptics Set: Comes with 1 type c and 1 type f.

Tessan Type L: Room for 3 USA plugs + 2 usb ports.

Tessan Type C: Room for 3 USA plugs + 2 usb ports

3. Theft proof cross body purse

Things to consider:

In large cities across Europe (not just Italy) thieves and pickpockets abound. They often target tourists, and especially in crowded areas like the metro, big tourist attractions etc.

Having a cross body bag will help by being able to keep the bag securely on you, and gives you the ability to hold it in front of you if needed in a crowd.

For even more security, I recommend looking at theft proof purses,  that have extra features like locking zippers, RFID protection & slash proof straps & sides.

Consider the size you will need and are comfortable with. There are many choices out there, you can find a great selection at AAA storesREI, and other travel specialty stores.

 This way you can lay hands on them and see the features that you like. Amazon also has all the main brands like Pacsafe & Travelon with many stylish options.

What to Look for:

RFID BLOCKING POCKET:  helps prevent data from being scanned from passports, credit cards, etc) 

LOCKING ZIPPERS & POCKETS: Keeps items secure and hard to infiltrate in crowded situations.

SLASH PROOF: Inner mesh & wire to keep thieves from "slash & run"

LOCKDOWN cross body strap:  great for train travel, outdoor restaurants etc. allows you to lock your bag to a chair.

My pick:

The Pacsafe Citysafe CS100

I have used this travel purse (pictured) for years all over Italy and Europe & love it. 

I find it the perfect size for me while traveling- carrying water bottle, small camera, umbrella, wallet and more. I like the horizontal shape (vs. a taller vertical design) and find it easy to locate items inside while still wearing it.

(If you want more room, the CS200 is the way to go- my 15 in macbook air fits in that one, believe it or not!)

This year I am trying to pack even lighter- and so am trying out this one. I haven't traveled internationally with the little one yet, but am loving it for everyday use at home. 

4. Dual-voltage hair dryer

Things to consider:

I may not get popularity points for this one- but I hate Italy hotel hair dryers. They are attached to the wall, often 30 years old and barely give you a whiff of warm air.

If you, like me rely on a hair dryer for styling your hair, and you want to have a reliable option- consider getting a small dual voltage hair dryer. 

If I'm staying at an Airbnb or newer hotel, I double check with the hotel/apartment owners and find out what they provide, in case I don't need to travel with it. (Most airbnb apartments in Italy these days provide a modern plug in hair dryer.)

What to Look for:

Dual Voltage is the biggest must for USA to Italy travel.

Also look for compact size, light weight and a folding handle.

My pick:

5. D.I.Y. Laundry Kit

Things to consider:

Having a d.i.y. laundry kit will enable you to pack light, save money (no laundry service) and time. This laundry kit is based on staying in a hotel, b&b or apartment with no washing machine.

If your apartment has a washing machine, you can easily buy a bottle of detergent at a local shop. But the sink washing items will still come in handy for quick stain removal or washing 1-2 items if you don't have enough for a full load.

What to include:

In this blog post, I have talked through creating your own DIY laundry kit for international travel. I recommend having the following:

  • liquid packets or bar laundry soap
  • tide stick for stains
  • sink stopper
  • bonus: quick  dry towel, inflatable hangers

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