A new tradition. {family dinner journal}

A new tradition. {family dinner journal} 1

I read the cookbook Dinner: A Love Story from cover to cover last summer on our road trip to the Oregon coast. (I loved it so much I made 3 recipes and 2 cocktails that week, from that delicious book.) The author, Jenny, has a family dinner journal she has used for years. Well loved and smattered with details of every day dinners as well as party planning lists and special occasion meals, I found the details of her book inspiring and began to think of starting my own.

Fast forward a few months…Last fall when we decided to move, I found myself dreaming about how I would have so much time on my hands since I would have to quit my job to move to Italy. (ha ha!) I pictured myself cooking and baking and planning meals and taking care of my family the way I love to when I have all the time in the world. I thought of the dinner journal again. And then life got even crazier, and I never started one.

Now that we have moved, I remembered the dinner journal and decided that it was the perfect time to start our family dinner journal.  I love the idea of having an ongoing journal/list of what we’ve been eating- since

a.) We love to eat good food.

b.) I love the idea of planning meals, but haven’t made it a priority recently.

c.) I’m a little worried that living in Italy will somehow make me think we can eat pasta and pizza every day!

d.) Ideally, planning meals ahead of time will equal healthier decisions and eating more meals around the table- TOGETHER.

I agonized about what type of book to use. I am particular and like pretty things, but also wanted it to be practical, something I would actually use. I thought about my favorite Moleskin sketch book, or a lovely Italian leather book, but then while unpacking a box, I found this beauty.


Purchased at Target before the move, the fun design and color caught my eye. It’s perfect. And hopefully, it will stand out in a pile so I won’t lose it.

Here’s to new traditions- I’ll let you know how it goes!

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