10 reasons I’m excited to go home this summer.


Awhile back, I  booked our flights to fly home this summer. After about a month of shopping online and looking for the right route at the right price- I found a winner and pushed that crazy purchase button.

I’m not sure if it was the relief of finally being done with that process, or the realization that for the first time since we left a year ago I know exactly when we’ll be visiting- but after I pushed the purchase button I had a flood of emotion. I got teary.

And then I laughed at myself. Because it shouldn’t have surprised me, but it totally did.

The countdown is on- and we are headed home in July. The kids and I have been chatting about going home and everyone has their list of what they are looking forward to doing, seeing and eating when we go home.

I have gotten a lot of advice from friends here who have gone home to visit, and I am a little nervous about how we’ll be home but it won’t quite feel right. I am more excited than nervous however.

Some of these reasons may seem silly- but man, until you live in another country you don’t realize how some of the smallest things sound so wonderful when you’ve been away from home so long.

Here are 10 reasons I am excited!


It goes without saying that we’ve missed our friends. That our love and appreciation for them has just grown and grown since we left. To have people in your life that have known you for years, really know you- and have watched your babies grow up- people that you’ve laughed and cried with- people that have become your family.

I miss my people. Can’t wait to squeeze them.


Signs you can read, favorite stores and restaurants, people you can easily communicate with- roads you know like the back of your hand.

These things mean a lot in everyday life. You don’t realize how much until you leave home. I’m looking forward to no round-a-bouts, straight roads where you can see for miles… ahhh I feel my jaw unclenching just saying that.


Our family loves going to the movies. In English. With popcorn.

The End.


Oh Target and Costco and Kohls and Hastings and REI and Barnes and Noble.

How I have missed thee…

Idaho Summers.

I hate humidity. And mosquitos. Milan summers are MISERABLE! (or was that just me?)

I can’t wait for hot but dry Idaho days. And all that goes with it-Which doesn’t include wanting to take 10 showers a day or locking myself in my air conditioned car.

I am giddy at the thought of being reunited with an air conditioned house! Woo-Hoo!


People around the world interact differently when they are in public- I know it’s all how you were raised and what you are used to.

But I really miss having personal space, a bubble around me so to speak when I’m out and about. I look forward to pushing my shopping cart down the aisle without being rammed into, run over or shoved aside.

For reals.


I adore Italian food. Really. But I cannot wait for some of our favorite restaurants from home.

We’ve missed going out for Mexican! Thai! Vietnamese! BREAKFAST!

Jalapenos. Q-doba. Krung. Sawadee. Pho Nouveau. The Griddle.

See you soon.

(Good grief- it looks like we will be going out to eat a lot while we are home.)


For the first few months the Italian air kisses were cute and we felt oh-so-European.

But give me a real hug- any day. Please.

A real honest to goodness squishy, so hard you can’t breathe hug. You know who you are, huggers!

My bed and bathtub.

Our house in Italy is lovely. We’ve made it ours and it feels like home. (Or “Home 2” as Ben calls it.)

But I cannot wait to sleep in my own bed. And take as many soaking baths in my bathtub as is humanly possible in 1 months time. 😉

So there you have it.

I’m sure there are many many things I will miss about Italy when we move home. But for right now, I’m saturated with all things Italian and can’t wait to come HOME.

Idaho Sunset

Sunrise at home in Idaho

xo- H


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